O&O Defrag Pro vs Workstation

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O&O Defrag Pro vs Workstation

Beitrag von aleksandar » Mi 30. Dez 2020, 15:06

Dear O&O Software,

would you please clarify if there is a different limits for maximum number of files on HDD that O&O Defrag is capable to defragment.

I have upgraded recently to Defrag 24 PRO from Defrag 22 PRO, but still Defrag windows service process is crashing without ever able to complete.
The method tried to be used is OPTIMIZE/Complete. The windows service sometime complete when OPTIMIZE/Quick is used.

The laptop HDD is used as for developer role, i.e. it has cca. 6.8 million files. I was wondering if I purchase WORKSTATION version that Defrag windows service will make it to complete without crashing.

Do I need maybe SERVER version for mentioned number of files? Is there any limits to number of files to be possible to defragment depending on edition?

Laptop spec: Win 10 Enterprise, 16GB RAM, 2 TB SMR HDD.