opening omg files

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opening omg files

Beitrag von superfantastic » Mo 13. Mai 2019, 09:38

not sure if there is a solution, but i have a customer that would like to open the backup images on a workstation or many workstations

you can mount the image on the server and read the files i know but i would like to know if there is a reader available or a free version i can put
on workstations to allow opening of the backup images to restore files only, when they would like to, without the need to do on server

the server runs diskimage server

thank you


Martin (O&O)
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Re: opening omg files

Beitrag von Martin (O&O) » Mo 13. Mai 2019, 10:12


there is no separate reader available, I am sorry.
To mount the image and access files you have to install O&O DiskImage Professional / Workstation or Server.

Martin (O&O)