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CHANGES 6.8.1 (EN)

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    ID      Product Component           Description
	-   OODI    -                   Support of Microsoft Windows 8 Preview
	-   OODI    AGENT               Performance optimization
    15318   OODI    AGENT               Automatic testing of the key for incremental images
    15360   OODI    AGENT               Disable screen savers when using, such as OOD
    15091   OODI    GUI                 Time data are missing in the summary of successful reports
    15335   OODI    AGENT               Increase performance of VHD creation
    15340   OODI    AGENT               Implement callback for querying user whether to overwrite
                                        existing VHDs
    15314   OODI    AGENT               Limiting the log file
    15267   OODI    GUI                 Shortcut target for file-based image files


    ID      Produkt Komponente          Beschreibung
    15409   OODI    GUI                 Jobs cannot imported from network drives 
    15415   OODI    AGENT               Could not read tiny file backup files
    15434   OODI    GUI                 Wrong file selection filter in the FileOpenDlg for backups
    15427   OODI    GUI                 Job summary fail
    15400   OODI    AGENT               Possibly a file backup can't read out
    15294   OODI    AGENT               Abort of the file-based backup, at insufficient memory of
    15386   OODI    GUI/AGENT           Exclusion criteria will not be considered
    15299   OODI    GUI                 Write error on the control center page	
    15336   OODI    AGENT               Infinite loop possible, if images shall be overwritten
                                        automatically and if overwrite fails
    15343   OODI    AGENT               Virtual disks with fixed size, converted from images, are invalid
    15182   OODI    GUI                 Graphical overview of hard drives may show not all drives
    15334   OODI    AGENT               If an image is restored on a file-by-file basis, some data
                                        may be missing
    15342   OODI    AGENT               Infinite loop when creating an incremental image
    15345   OODI    AGENT               When performing a sector-based restoration, some excluded files
                                        may reappear
    15304   OODI    GUI                 GUI freezes at startup
    15312   OODI    GUI                 PRO edittion accepts WKS license but without save
    15313   OODI    INSTALLATION        invalid directory entries in Installation using the OOEMC
    15280   OODI    AGENT               Jobs fail to execute with error code c000000d.*.*.202
    15283   OODI    GUI                 Jobs cannot be created anymore if an action has been cancelled
                                        by the user
    15287   OODI    INSTALLATION        Component for volume shadow copy service not installed
    15284   OODI    GUI                 Backup dialog fails to prompt user for network share and
                                        credential information
    15288   OODI    AGENT               Sometimes, job status is not set to "stopped" after execution
                                        and job may fail to launch next time
    15292   OODI    GUI                 Jobs may be not saved immediately in certain circumstances
    15279   OODI    INSTALLATION        Service won't start after installation, if reboot was not
                                        deemed necessary
    15277   OODI    GUI                 If pre- or post-actions were assigned to a job, all new jobs
                                        created in same GUI session will share these actions
    15291   OODI    GUI                 Text of warning message not correct
    15246   OODI    GUI                 Error during backup editing is not displayed 
    15256   OODI    AGENT               Temporary files from the Snapshot driver not excluded when
                                        creating image
    15257   OODI    GUI                 Backup jobs cannot be run after editing 
    15249   OODI    GUI                 Deactivated Start button when duplicating
    15253   OODI    AGENT               Working directory not considered when creating a file based image 
    15262   OODI    GUI                 Not possible to recover individual directories 
    15263   OODI    AGENT               Access errors with file images on network share/NAS 
    15230   OODI    INSTALLATION        When updating, settings with standard values are overwritten 
    15252   OODI    AGENT               Recovery of spanned volumes with target disks aborts 
    15261   OODI    GUI                 Images stored per job not considered by "Recent Actions" 
    15268   OODI    GUI                 Images stored per job not considered by imaging control center 
    15251   OODI    GUI                 File path from a job cannot be changed retrospectively  
    15255   OODI    GUI                 Translation of error message re: changed data incorrect
    13484   OODI    AGENT               Crash at startup the backup process (capture of the excluded files)
    15224   OODI    GUI                 path for preferred location of the file based backup leads to crash
    15228   OODI    GUI                 After deleting a report, DiskImage crash occasionally
    15208   OODI    AGENT               NTFS compressed files can not be read during the file backups
    13394   OODI    AGENT               Update a job: object name already exists
    15219   OODI    AGENT               GPT system partition is not duplicated 1: 1
    15206   OODI    GUI                 File based backup of USB drives is not possible
    15233   OODI    AGENT               Infinite loop when duplicating the Windows partition, if a
                                        recovery partition exists
    15213   OODI    GUI                 Control Center does not display recent images
    15207   OODI    SHELL ERWEITERUNG   OBK file has no program shortcut
    15214   OODI    AGENT               Jobs of the version 5 are not valid in version 6
    15218   OODI    GUI/TRAY            After end dialog, the tray status changes again on in progress 
    15225   OODI    AGENT               Incremental image on the version 5 base image is not possible
    13294   OODI    AGENT               no hints and no errors in the email stated although failed
                                        email status