Problem after upgrade from diskimage Pro 11 to 12

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Problem after upgrade from diskimage Pro 11 to 12

Beitrag von JudahMyles » Mi 23. Sep 2020, 18:12

i was on a fully working OO diskimage pro v11 and all was ok, i decided to upgrade to the new v 12 pro and now the progam
does not open, i just get a spinning blue icon next to mouse point and desktop get unrseponsive and i have to reboot
the program never now opens

i have uninstalled and gone back to v11 and it NOW has same problem, so neither 11 or 12 now work on my pc

i have windows 10 pro 1703

i have removed , run clean up tools, deleted all OO folders and done a full registry clean etc and when i reinstall the problem comes back
i have checked the windows event log and when i open the program their is no error logged just system starts to hang and i have to end task on
process +++Link wurde von Administrator gelöscht da Werbung+++

can you help ? i bow have NO backup