Unlock setting

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Unlock setting

Beitrag von ManMountain » Do 7. Jul 2016, 19:39

Just a suggestion but when using Safe Erase free space across multiple drives, could an option be added in settings that will allow the user to permit the program to over-ride and unlock drives, rather than having to manually do so in the latest version?

Martin (O&O)
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Re: Unlock setting

Beitrag von Martin (O&O) » Fr 8. Jul 2016, 09:42

Dear ManMountain,

thank you for your feedback. It has already been forwarded onto our developers. While we cannot promise that your suggestions will be implemented into future product versions, our developers do take communication such as yours very seriously. We are very grateful for
the time you took in working with our product and writing us.

Martin (O&O)