Where is TRIM and who is SolidErase? (EN)

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Where is TRIM and who is SolidErase? (EN)

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Where is TRIM and who is SolidErase?

SSDs have been increasing in popularity for some time now. They are fast and can significantly increase the performance of a computer. Only frequent write accesses can cause problems for SSDs, which prompted us to create a separate handling of SSDs when the issue came to light.

Naturally that remains the case, because as the functionality of an SSD differs fundamentally from that of an HDD it does not make sense to treat both completely the same.
However, we have decided to remove TRIM from O&O SafeErase for the time being. There have been several technical innovations as well as new manufacturers in the SSD area in recent times. As a result, TRIM has become a very diverse term. Some SSDs do not support TRIM at all, whereas some have different definitions and specifications for the TRIM command. The well-known alternatives to TRIM, such as SecureErase and Sanitize, are also defined, implemented and used differently by the various manufacturers. However, we would like to support as many manufacturers and types of SSDs as possible.
That led us to the decision to develop our own feature called SolidErase. This allows us to react much faster to new features and to be independent of manufacturers publishing their own specifications of SSD's commands. If we find a problem with a new model or a new manufacturer, we can search specifically for a solution and integrate it into our feature.
The method used for SSDs is like the random overwrite deletion method. This method is fast, thorough and proven. It also puts minimum strain on the SSD, an important aspect. Only one write process is performed, which ensures a longer SSD life compared to the other methods.