O & O product UI consistency

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O & O product UI consistency

Beitrag von ManMountain » Fr 8. Jul 2016, 11:46

I enjoy using your software products and consider them to be the best in the business for the specific tasks they target.

But if I view the products as a whole, the user interface's differ greatly. Personally I consider the most stylish and informative interface in your products to be DiskImage.

It would perhaps be beneficial to both O & O and the customer, if consideration be given to use that DiskImage UI style in Defrag, Safe Erase, AutoBackup and DiskRecovery.

This would offer the customer a consistent UI across products and enhance the professional look across your software tools.

Rudy (O&O)
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Re: O & O product UI consistency

Beitrag von Rudy (O&O) » Fr 8. Jul 2016, 12:37

Thanks for your feedback!

O&O DiskImage 11 is actually the very first product we have in this new design so we're very interested in knowing what people have to say about it. We're still considering whether or not to use this format for all other O&O products but if the resonance continues to be like yours, the chances are very good that we will.