0xC000000D Again

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0xC000000D Again

Beitrag von muganga » Sa 23. Nov 2019, 18:31

Autobackup (V6 Build 80) is running and I attach a Samsung T3 Drive via USB3.1 Type C.
It is a completely clean drive, just reformatted.
OS is a fully up to date Windows Pro 10.0.18362
This is what I get:
4:37 PM: Error: 0xC000000D

Reboot to get a clean machine and the drive is not detected.
Remove drive and reinsert and it is recognised but again I get:
5:01 PM: Error: 0xC000000D

It seems that it cannot handle this drive which is a shame because it is very fast.

Further update. I have now tried this on three different drives, including a folder on a local drive on the computer.
They all fail with the same result.

Now uninstalled and reinstalled - still does not work.

I have uninstalled the software for now.