New update available: O&O Defrag 16.0.306 [EN]

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New update available: O&O Defrag 16.0.306 [EN]

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* O&O Defrag Professional Edition
* (c) O&O Software GmbH. All rights reserved.


ID        Component      Description

15699     ALLG           Enable users without admin rights to register the product
15700     ALLG           If O&O Defrag encounters chkdsk errors, a warning should be displayed
15681     GUI            Customer request: enable administrators to disable settings dialog
15682     GUI            Customer request: enable administrators to disable creation, deletion
                         and editing of jobs
15683     GUI            Customer request: enable administrators to prevent users from modifying
                         zone filing settings
15697     GUI            Customer request: enable administrators to disable the Quick Start dialog
15706     INSTALLATION   Speed up upgrade installations of O&O Defrag
15663     TRAYAPP        Extend O&O Defrag TrayIcon to notify the user about new product updates
15705     TRAYAPP        Enable users to install new updates for O&O Defrag from the
                         task tray application
15733     TRAYAPP        Implement a registry tweak for disabling product update notifications via
                         O&O Defrag TrayIcon

ID        Component      Description

15390     AGENT          O&O Defrag sometimes cannot be uninstalled while a defragmentation
                         is running
15627     AGENT          GUI shows wrong icons in the drives list after analyzing or defragmenting
                         a drive (other running defragmentation or background monitoring not shown)
15628     AGENT          When defragmenting multiple drives, pending actions are not displayed
                         as such
15695     AGENT          Chkdsk reports for dirty volumes do not indicate file system
15711     AGENT          Shutting down the O&O Defrag Agent may take too long if a
                         defragmentation is running
15716     AGENT          When during an active defragmentation the system enters a sleep mode,
                         O&O Defrag Agent will not respond after wakeup
15755     AGENT          If the computer enters a sleep mode, all running defragmentation actions
                         will be stopped and cannot be resumed afterwards
14952     BTD            In some configurations with USB keyboards, boot time defragmentation cannot
                         be cancelled by keystroke
15748     BTD            Windows 8 will boot 30% slower, if any BootExecute application is present
                         (boot time defragmentation is affected by this)
15555     CMDLINE        Command line utility terminates itself immediately after starting a
                         defragmentation action
15625     ENGINE         On systems with a single CPU core, on some occasions O&O Defrag Agent may
                         hang on start-up
15394     GUI            When remote controlling O&O Defrag, it is not clear which computer has
                         been connected to
15654     GUI            User-requested color changes for the cluster view are not displayed
15655     GUI            If the drive status view is displayed while an analysis or defragmentation
                         is active, memory leaks may occur
15698     GUI            User-defined block colors for the cluster view are ignored in the time view
15651     INSTALLATION   After uninstalling O&O Defrag, the uninstallation website will not always
                         be opened
15657     INSTALLATION   When O&O Defrag is started the first time by a new user, Windows Installer
                         unnecessarily installs the program icon
15707     INSTALLATION   After installing O&O Defrag, the setup will execute the tray application
                         with admin privileges
15648     INSTALLDLL     When uninstalling O&O Defrag, the setup may take too long due to website
                         availability check
15440     MANUAL         English online help contains "O?" instead of "O&O"
15391     TRAYAPP        Tray application complains about missing license even after a correct
                         license has been entered