Installation of O&O DiskImage virtual devices

Thema: Installation, Deinstallation und Update von O&O DiskImage
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Installation of O&O DiskImage virtual devices

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Please check in the Device Manager whether the O&O virtual disk driver is installed, or if the group "O&O DiskImage" and including the device "O&O DiskImage virtual devices" is displayed.
If you could find the virtual devices, proceed as follows, to register the driver:
  • -Select your computer
    -Right-click and select "Add legacy hardware"
    -Click "continue >" to skip the welcome page
    -Click " Select and install hardware manually from a list (for advanced users)" and then click "continue >"
    -"Show all devices" and then click "continue >"
    -Press the button "Disk..."
    -Click "Install from disk" in the "Browse button..." dialog
    -In the "File name" box, type" %PROGRAMFILES%\OO Software\DiskImage\install-oodivd.inf "or navigate to the product location and click the file "install-oodivd.inf"
    -Click "next >" if "O&O DiskImage virtual devices" is shown as a model
    -in the hardware installation page navigate to the next step with "continue >"
    -When the Windows security alert "you want to install this device software?" appears, confirm with "Install". As an alternative, you can check trust always "Software from O and O Software GmbH" and click "Install"
    -To complete press "Finish"
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Re: Installation of O&O DiskImage virtual devices

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Excellent thread! Thank you!