[1.4.1383] Bug report and questions

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[1.4.1383] Bug report and questions

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Bug report

When you export settings, the default suggested file name is ooshutup10.cfg.cfg. Note the double .cfg. Then when you try to import your setting, the program can see it in explorer so you are not able to select it but you can still paste its full path to load it. It needs to be fixed.

Question 1

Could you tell me what method is used to prevent automatic driver update through WU? Because I can see any changes in the windows device installation setting as described here.

Question 2

There are 2 settings in ShutUp10 to disable automatic WU. In my french version, it is not so explicit which does what. They share the same description.

The 1st one could be translated as "Automatic update of windows update is disabled".
If I enable it and reboot I don't know if Windows automatic update is really disabled but I can still manually run the update. Good, this is what I would expect: let me control when I want to run update. However after that the windows update advanced settings to download other microsoft products update can't be enabled. So what does this first ShutUp10 settings really do?

The 2nd one could be translated as "Automatic update of windows is disabled". If I enable it, I can't no longer run WU, it returns me an error. So it seems that it disables all update feature. If so the settings label in ShutUp10 should be changed to "Windows update is disabled"

Question 3

In Windows Update section, there are 3 options to disable WU through P2P with same label and description. It is not very helpful for end user to determine what each option does and why one should enable one instead of the other one. Please explain what each option does or mix them in only one option.

Feature Request

Like many users report, during windows update process, windows 10 1607 is eating all the internet bandwidth including for other computer connected in the same local network. It makes other programs using internet unusable (browser and so on). There may be some tweaks to limit WU bandwidth and priority.

Some reports registry tweak such as:

Code: Alles auswählen

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Where 000007d0 = 2000 KiloBit in this example.

The same can be achieved and manually set with Group Policy→Administrative Templates→Network→Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)→Limit the maximum network bandwidth for BITS background transfers. But it needs some investigations because some guys reported it won't work, the rule is not respected unless maybe update through P2P is completely disabled. Interesting discussion about it here.

It seems that we have to look at Group Policy Editor > Local computer strategy > Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Windows components > Delivery optimization. Here you can set the Max Upload Bandwidth in KBytes/s this time and other stuffs. Delivery optimization→download mode set to 100 should force BITS to be used instead of P2P.

It would be great that ShutUp10 investigate on this and offer options in feature release to limit WU bandwidth.

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Re: [1.4.1383] Bug report and questions

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Thanks for your feedback related to the CFG problem, we can confirm that it's related to using the french language, therefore I'm sure that it will be fixed soon. I will answer your other questions in short:

1) O&O ShutUp 10 prevents automatic driver updates if they are offered through Windows Update. That means driver updates that are offered via an update function in the driver itself or installed utility of the manufacturer are unaffected.

2) Not sure to which of the nine Windows Update settings your questions are related to? Possibly:

"Mises á jour Windows Updates automatique désactivé"(1 de 2)" and "Mises á jour Windows automatiques désactivé (2 de 2)".

We don't recommend to block the Windows Update, but if you do that there are two settings that have to be changed. The first setting disables the automatic update. The second setting disables the service of Windows Update. Because the settings belong to each other the description is the same. We will think about a better description or explanation could be more helpful.

3) Same as 2) - All three settings belong to each other, therefore the description is the same. Please note that all settings are stored in different registry keys, therefore it makes sense for us not to mix them in only one option as you suggested.

Thanks for your feature request, we will make a entry to our developer database.
Brigitte (O&O)

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Re: [1.4.1383] Bug report and questions

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Thank you for this free helpful piece of software, I have used it on many of my systems. My only gripe with the program is that when using the search function while on dark mode, the yellow color (unchanged from light mode) makes it very difficult to read the highlighted text. I hope to see this minor issue fixed in a future update. Thanks again and wishing you a good day from Australia!