O&O ShutUp10 + FoxIt

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O&O ShutUp10 + FoxIt

Beitrag von dmitriy1980 » Mi 17. Aug 2022, 15:40

I just used latest version of O&O ShutUp10 a couple of days ago and I'm noticing that I'm not able to open FoxIt Reader software that I use to open pdf files. I reinstalled FoxIt a couple of times and the same issue persists. I went back to check O&O ShutUp10 options and not finding anything that might've broken it. Please check.

Brigitte (O&O)
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Re: O&O ShutUp10 + FoxIt

Beitrag von Brigitte (O&O) » Di 23. Aug 2022, 12:46


For further analysis, it would be important to know what settings you have made with O&O ShutUp? Maybe FoxIt reacts to one of the restrictions, but the fact that it doesn't start at all is a bit strange.

Have you already performed a clean uninstall of FoxIt? If not, please try it:

https://kb.foxitsoftware.com/hc/en-us/a ... PDF-Editor
Brigitte (O&O)