Win 10 clock synch disabled in ShutUp10

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Win 10 clock synch disabled in ShutUp10

Beitrag von rarez » Mi 9. Aug 2023, 07:28

I have a CMOS battery contact problem which sets computer time back a few minutes each day. I would like to enable clock synchronization with Windows servers through clock settings. However, some blocking features in ShutUp10 are in the way, I can't turn on the synch.

Maybe someone knows which settings of ShutUp10 are keeping the clock from synching?

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Re: Win 10 clock synch disabled in ShutUp10

Beitrag von RR512 » Mo 4. Sep 2023, 16:55

As far as I know there is no setting in ShutUp 10 blocking clock synchronisation. I am using this combination (recommended settings in ShutUp 10 and clock synchro with time server) on many computers already for a long time without any problems. Clock synchronisation in Windows might be tricky, there are many possible reasons, why it is not working. I am using regional time servers in the internet, not Windows Servers. May be, you should try another time server.

Best regards and good luck