Version 1.6.1402 - mobile network issue

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Version 1.6.1402 - mobile network issue

Beitrag von Fabien » Mi 10. Jul 2019, 10:05


I would like to bring a small contribution as I find O&O ShutUp 10 great. I already apologise if this issue was already reported, but my German is too poor to check deeply.

If the option "Security > Telemetry disabled (3 of 3)" is enabled, the mobile network initialisation remains stuck on "Getting ready..." and the button "Connect" is greyed out. If you let Windows manage the connection automatically, it also remains stuck. Regular wireless networks are not concerned by this problem.

Eventually, the mobile network becomes functional, but it can take 5 to 15 minutes after boot. If I could be provided actions triggered by this option on the system, I could try to debug or find a workaround.

Screenshot is enclosed.

2019-07-10 10_37_18-.png