Shutup10 through GPO

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Shutup10 through GPO

Beitrag von Jackouillasse » Di 22. Aug 2017, 10:32

Hi there,

Sorry i will write in english...

Before of all i already checked the forum and i don't have answer at my question.
Since the Threshold 2 "November Update" at "Anniversary Update" i used o&o shutup10 and win10 can't upgrade to the next version. It's stuck in the build and all the time reject the "service pack" to upgrade. So i must modify the reg entries modified by ShutUp. That's really complicated with a so many reg key.

If i'm going on each post it's okay, but i have 50 computers with this modification. So i would like to use it through GPO. Badly i can't do it, if we call OOSU10.exe with like OOSU10.exe clean.cfg /quiet (/force ?), OOSU10 just open and it don't have effect. And if i push it in log off by computer policy that's loop the computer because OOSU10 is open in background and it can't reboot.

I already tried :
Directly execute on the computer with double click its okay with OOSU10.exe clean.cfg /quiet in the .cmd and its okay.
If i call the same batch from UNC or mapped drive its fail, OOSU10.exe just open and nothing
If i call the same batch with previous a copy on local c: and launch the exe, its just open it...
If i call the same batch from gpedit.msc (or GPO from domain) log off in computer (users doens't have admin access), the computer is stuck in a loop because OOSU10.exe is opened in background and must be complete to reboot...
I also tested start "" "OOSU10.exe" clean.cfg /quiet and it's the same. UAC enale or disable it's the same too.

Did you have a solution ?

Thanks for all.

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Re: Shutup10 through GPO

Beitrag von Jackouillasse » Di 22. Aug 2017, 10:47

Just found the solution. If it be usefull for other one.

I mistake the call from local disk from the UNC network.

After you copy file on local drive, you must specify the second cmd ON the local disk. If you don't do it, it will calling the second cmd on the UNC and so we have the problem. By the way, why Shutup10 give this issue ?

Thanks for all

Martin (O&O)
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Re: Shutup10 through GPO

Beitrag von Martin (O&O) » Di 22. Aug 2017, 10:51


a similar issue was already discussed here:


Create a batch and copy all files to local harddrive as shown here:
batch.PNG (4.21 KiB) 5129 mal betrachtet
Within the batch we have used successfully:

c:\Test\OOSU10.exe ooshutup10.cfg /quiet

Martin (O&O)

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Re: Shutup10 through GPO

Beitrag von jcmil4833 » Mo 5. Feb 2018, 14:45

I have attempted to use the batch file but it doesn't seem to work. :?
Using W10 Pro 15063.0.amd64fre.rs2_release.170317-1834 I still have telemetry reactivating between boots, especially Telemetry 3/3. Also re-enabled is P2P update sharing.
I use OOSU10 to revert & then often need to reboot.
Reopening OOSU10, the dialog shows changes have occurred but then running Spybot Anti-Beacon 1.6, I see the following still need to be 'immunized'.
  • CEIP scheduled tasks - some active
    P2P win updates - some active
Clearly something else is happening & I cannot see why the call to the .bat in the win startup folder is ineffective. :roll:

Any help appreciated.