O&O ShutUp10 Problem

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O&O ShutUp10 Problem

Beitrag von SarahH12099 » Mi 9. Sep 2020, 21:30

Hello, I was wondering for the option “Disable Telemetry” keeps on re-enabling after reboot? It never stays on, it resets to off after a reboot.

Windows 10 1909 Home Edition
Software Version: 1.8.1413

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Re: O&O ShutUp10 Problem

Beitrag von randybonnette » Do 28. Jan 2021, 07:23

domyhomeworkonline wrote:
Why does Disable Telemetry keep re-enabling after a reboot?

Have you installed the latest updates? I'm using O&O Shutup10 in conjunction with WPD (any signs of conflict). As far as I know, Disabled Telemetry requires that the services diagtrack and dmwappushsvc should to be disabled as well.