Problems with the "Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (EN)

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Problems with the "Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (EN)

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The Volume Shadow Copy Service from Microsoft can be used for making snapshots of any drive.

A backup or image should save all the selected files, folders, or sectors of the drive where data is located. Some files or sectors are, however, intentionally blocked by the file or operating system and cannot be selected. In addition, it’s possible that at the exact moment a backup is being made a very large file is being modified. To make sure all data is being backed up in the correct order, a snapshot of the drive will need to be made. And here’s where the Volume Shadow Copy Service can be used.

The data for such a snapshot, even temporary data, is located in a hidden folder on the respective drive. Along with that, information about stored snapshots or ones being made are saved in the Windows registry of the operating system.

Problems with Windows Registry integrity or the file system on the drive being backed up can make it impossible for the Volume Shadow Copy Service to create a new snapshot. When this is the case, O&O DiskImage will report this as an error received from the operating system.

You now have the option of either installing and selecting the O&O Filter driver or correcting the error in the Volume Shadow Copy Service.

To install the O&O Filter driver, click “Control Panel" and then "Programs and Features". Select the O&O DiskImage installation and then click “Change” in the menu. In the O&O DiskImage installation that is now starting, click “Change“ and then "User defined". You’ll then be able to select the O&O Filter driver when the program symbols are expanded. After you click "Next" and "Change", the O&O Filter driver will be installed. Once installation’s completed, the computer will need to be restarted.

To correct the Volume Shadow Copy Service error, you’ll first need to find the Volume Shadow Copy Service error log in the events display of the operating system (under Control Panel/ Computer Management). Using the events ID, a solution can then be found under the website ... 64794.aspx

or under: ... 64220.aspx ... 64197.aspx ... 64213.aspx ... 64195.aspx

A common way of resolving the problem is by manually creating a restoration point on the drive where the Volume Shadow Copy Service reported a problem. To do this, click “Control Panel“/ “System and Security“/ “System“/ “System protection“ and then click "Create" (when the UAC appears, it will need to be confirmed).

It will then be possible to run a successful check of the file system. To do this, open a command prompt as an administrator and execute the command “chkdsk [Drive:] /r /f“. It will not be possible to execute this command on a system drive while it’s in operation. If this is the case, confirm that the check should be executed at the next system start and then restart the computer.